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ERMC Estates are the Managing Agent for your estate, agencies like us are appointed by Management Companies to manage the successful operation of communal estate assets. 

We strive to create and maintain communities to be proud of.

Contact us

Residents, please login into the portal (using the button below) and use the contact form in your account to send us an enquiry, these can then be held and managed within our Customer Database. 

(this service is only available to homeowners, tenants should refer all enquiries to their landlord for onward submission)

Not yet joined the portal? - Register your details here and we will enable your login.


What is a Management Company?

An estate management company (ManCo) is a not-for-profit organisation that owns all the common areas in an estate that do not belong to homeowners or the local authority.

Who owns the Management Company?

No one person owns the Management Company. Each property owner in the estate is a member of the ManCo, and there is a board of directors who make the decisions.

What is a Managing Agent?

You will hear our company referred to as a Managing Agent or Appointed Agent. This means we administer the duties of the Management Company on their behalf. There is a Management Agreement between us and the ManCo, the Board of Directors ensure that we carry out our duties in line with this agreement. 

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